H-WASH 550

A-Class performance, superior hygiene

Discover H-WASH 550: the highly efficient, long-lasting washing machine that grants superior hygiene and care.

Hoover presents H-WASH 550, the highly efficient and long-lasting washing machine that grants superior hygiene and care. Thanks to its new-generation Eco-Power Inverter Motor, it reaches the A Energy Class, the best in its category. Moreover, you can access exclusive additional contents via the hOn App.

Top Efficiency


Durable performance

The new-generation Eco-Power Inverter Motor is the most long-lasting and powerful belt technology available in the market, upgraded with 10 years warranty*. The Brushless Motor is 4 times more durable: reducing vibrations and frictions it extends the machine lifespan and guarantees maximum silence and excellent results for longer. It also adapts the washing action to the load ensuring best results and 60% more efficiency.

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Best energy class

H-WASH 500 reaches the A New Energy Class*, the best in its category. In compliance with the New Energy Label, the A class washing machine reduces consumption starting from 51% compared to a G class, saving energy and protecting the environment.

*Starting from 01/03/2021.

Total hygiene and care

H-WASH 550 provides maximum care for your laundry with less waste while sanitizing your garments with the deep action of steam.


Allergy care pro

This special cycle provides deep sanitization for superior daily hygiene of your clothes. Combining the steam action with a powerful rinse, and increasing temperature to 60° for a prolonged time, it removes contaminants such as dust mites, pollution particles and harmful allergens up to 99.9% from your laundry, as tested and approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

* The H-WASH 550 is efficient at reducing small particulates which may include allergens, bacteria and viruses.


Steam care pro

You can take care of your clothes and refresh fibers thanks to the deep action of steam. An intense flow of steam is spread in the drum allowing to remove odours and soften up all types of fibers without pouring water directly on your garments.

No detergent waste and best washing results

Perfect care for your garments without any waste of detergent. H-WASH 550 is able to suggest you the right dosage of detergent or automatically set it for you for outstanding washing results.


Eco doser

Get perfect dosage suggestion based on your actual load. Put your garments in the drum and select the Eco Doser function to start the loading detection. The display will suggest you the right quantity of detergent to pour in the drawer for great washing results without any waste.


Care dose

The self-dosage system calculates the correct dosage of detergent and softener up to 21 cycles for each refill, guaranteeing absolutely no waste of water and detergent*.

*Only available on certain models


Auto care cycles

An advanced algorithm calculates and auto-sets the most suitable program adapting detergent, water, and time according to fibers and load, guaranteeing an improved efficiency with no waste.


Full set of 9 caring cycles

  • All in one (59’ at 40°): fast wash, high care.
  • Eco Care 14-30-44’ (14’, 30’ or 44’ at 30°): quick effective wash, no waste of energy, water and detergent.
  • Allergy Care Pro (149’ at 60°): deep cleaning, sanitizing and anti-allergy action.
  • Steam Care Pro (39’ at 30°): gentle refreshment with a touch of steam.
  • Soft Care (59’ at 20°): full care and nourishment for your delicate garments and wool.
  • Fitness (29’ at 40°): wash your sport clothes and protect synthetic fibers.
  • Auto Care (40°): auto-set of the best program for perfect care with no waste. 

Ultimate connectivity

Enhance your washing performance with the new hOn App that allows access to a world of exclusive extra contents.

Scan to care

Thanks to the Scan to Care function, you can forget your laundry labels! Just take a picture of them and create your virtual wardrobe. The hOn App will collect and store all your clothes washing instructions, suggesting the best program to take care of them.


Enhance your washing performance with the new hOn App that allows to access a world of exclusive extra contents

Additional features


Maxi capacity

H-WASH 550 features a capacity of 14 kg in only 64 cm of depth to manage even the biggest loads in standard dimensions.


Power care system

This technology creates the perfect mix of water and detergent and expands it directly inside the drum so that it penetrates the fibers ensuring 20% better cleaning action*.

*Compared to a standard motor.


Improved design

An improved user interface with a refined and modern control panel, and a touch & feel with premium finishes for a high comfort in use with a robust and elegant structure.