New H-FRIDGE Range

Uniform air distribution, healthier preservation

Discover the hygienic and healthy way to preserve.

New H-FRIDGE Range

Uniform air distribution, healthier preservation

Discover the hygienic and healthy way to preserve.

Hoover presents the new H-FRIDGE 700 and 500, the unique cooling solution that ensures homogenous air distribution thanks to the Total No Frost Air Care technology, keeping your food fresh and healthy for longer. Perfect for preserving fruit, vegetables and delicate items, H-FRIDGE 700 and 500 are fully manageable with your smartphone via the hOn App. H-FRIDGE 700 and H-FRIDGE 500 models come with different user interface, both based on a functional design, developed to provide a seamless user experience: H-FRIDGE 700 features an external display while H-FRIDGE 500 comes with an internal one. Moreover, the full range is equipped with built-in and free-standing models.

Healthy performance


Safe preservation

H-FRIDGE 700 and H-FRIDGE 500 keeps your food always fresh and healthy while creating a more hygienic and safe storage space. The Total No Frost technology prevents frost creation in the freezer so that you won’t need to defrost it anymore and reduces mould and bacteria formation in the fridge by up to 94%*. Plus, the Total No Frost Air Care technology guarantees uniform air distribution on every shelf thanks to a gentle flow coming from the lateral outlets and never directly hitting the food, keeping it fresh as the first day**.

* Test results issued by an independent external technical laboratory comparing the Haier Group refrigerator CFE735CSJ with Total No Frost technology with the Haier group refrigerator CCBS 6182WH/2 with Static technology.

**Test results issued by an independent external technical laboratory comparing the Haier group model CFE735CSJ with Total No Frost Air Care technology with the Haier group model CVBN6184WBF/S1 with direct flow technology.


More efficiency, less noise

Equipped with the Inverter Compressor, a high reliable and long-lasting technology, H-FRIDGE 700 and H-FRIDGE 500 guarantee outstanding cooling performances and reduced noise, with a sound level from 37 dBA. Get reduced energy consumption while keeping the temperature more stable.

Storage care

Discover how to take care of your food, preserving all nutritional properties, in a hygienic and safe way.


Top hygiene

Get a safer preservation. The Hygiene Gasket is a special antimould treatment on door gaskets that reduces mould proliferation both in the fridge and the freezer.


Customised space management 

Arrange the layout of your refrigerator with up to 100 different combinations. The removable balconies and shelves and the dedicated drawers allow you to get maximum space versatility, according to your needs.


Chill space

The Chill Space drawer is designed to perfectly preserve food. With an internal temperature between 0°C and 3°C, it’s the right place to grant ideal conditions for raw meat or fish.


Cool space plus

Thanks to its humidity control, the Cool Space Plus is the ideal spot to store your fruit and vegetables while preserving their taste and texture. Move the slider and set the right level of humidity in the drawer for perfect preservation of your items.


Wine rack

With the unique sturdy wine rack, you can store up to 7 bottles of wine.

Maximum confort

H-FRIDGE 700 and H-FRIDGE 500 are available in built-in and free-standing models. Discover the extra features offered by built-in series.


Bigger space, better storage

More space in your built-in refrigerator. These refrigerators boast between 15% (193x55 cm model) and 50% (193x70 cm model fitting 75 cm kitchen column) extra storage capacity* and one more shelf to perfectly exploit the space available.

*Compared with the standard bottom mount built-in refrigerator (177 cm height x 55 cm from Haier)


Fast installation

Thanks to the Hoover In-Tech system, the installation of your refrigerator is easy and quick. The different dimensions and the reversible doors allow you to fit it into any kitchen layout. Moreover, all the hinges and fixing points come with a cover, as a proof of a great care for details.

Connected experience to manage food freshness

Make the most out of your appliance. Manage your H-FRIDGE 700 and H-FRIDGE 500 directly from your smartphone, with the hOn App. Discover the new clever set of connectivity features that allows to enhance food healthiness and freshnesspreserving nutritional properties, in total safety